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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I ordinarily won't post about politics here, unless it is really funny. I couldn't resist this:

Ted Kennedy Sobriety Watch: Still Sober?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

One of my favorite eBay searches is for "Warhammer Painted", which brings up all sorts of crazy items, from really poorly-painted minis to some spectacular displays of skill. This is a good example of what I like:

WARHAMMER Chaos Lord Archaon on foot PAINTED
Have you ever looked at your credit report? I mean, really looked at it? Sheesh! I took the time to delve into mine this evening (wanting to get a mortgage within the next 6 months or so) and I found five, count 'em, five errors in it. Let the fun begin...
And so I begin again. I hope to actually keep up with the blog this time around. I'm not so worried about focus, but for god's sake I will not suffer the readers (all two of them, I'm sure) to know every little last detail of my existence.