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Monday, February 07, 2005

I need to rant!

I'm worn out and pissed off, and damnit I'm gonna post about it!

Today was a great day until I came home from lunch to find our beautiful 52 inch HDTV not wanting to work. I admit it.. I panicked a bit. The thing's not paid off yet! After I eat and calmed down I examined the problem.. Not the TV. The cold sweat left me and my urge to shoot myself before my fiance returned home abated (somewhat...). So the cable was the problem.. Lovely. Comcast strikes again. The great invention known as HDTV/DVR our as I seem to always call it "our cable box," was out. Broken, dead, without life. This meant a call to the evil and twisted idiots at Comcast. So I call and they actually tell me they will come out today. The sound of angels singing filled the air. After 40+ minutes of work, the techs determine the box itself is broken and there isn't anything I can do. They apologize and tell me to hold on while they find the closest service station with a replacement box. They find one within 10 minutes that has them in stock. I thank them, they leave, I go back to work slightly ruffled by not without hope. Work ends, I rush home, I unplug box, I haul arse to Comcast. Enter the building and I have a choice of two customer service reps, the cute and bubbly 20-something girl, or the bitter looking, grouchy old lady. Easy choice, right? Well, as I plead my case to the young lady, the evil lunch lady's twin leans over and informs me they are out of HDTV/DVRs and won't have any for 3 days. Long story short, they had them, gave them out, and basically said screw you when I came in. How did I come up with that last part?

As I'm walking out, evil Doris (I don't know her real name, she was scary looking so I didn't ask!) lets fly with the "You should have called before you came here."

........ I'm sorry, I was unaware we were in a shortage of HDTV/DVRs. Someone call the President! Now, I was pissed. A little at myself, too. So I called Comcast's main office to plead my case and inform them of my location. I received this answer at 5:50. "You can come get one at our downtown office. We stay open till six." I'm nearly 30 minutes away, without the traffic from rush hour and I get more taunting. You ever wonder why people switch to freakin satelite?! Well, here's your damn answer!

Damn, I hate when Tom's right...

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