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Sunday, April 30, 2006


I just realized I have gone almost an entire month without posting. Sheesh. To those of you wondering what is going on with my life, here are some details, in reverse order...

The weather sucked yesterday, and as a result, our custom-built (by my father-in-law) ginormous solid walnut entertainment center could not be delivered. Which is actually ok since we have a little bit of painting work yet to be completed in the living room. Three days to do it now...

Spam sucks, but I'm glad I have Gmail--over 130 messages in the Spam folder, and all I had to do was delete them permanently.

Last weekend Ashley and I went to Memphis Friday/Saturday for the INXS show at the Orpheum. It was hella-fun and they were better than I had anticipated. I knew the music would be good, but I wasn't so sure that JD's voice was going to hold up through a lengthy tour--I am very happy to say that it has. If any of you fair readers have reason to stay overnight in Memphis and want to splurge on the hotel, I highly recommend The Madison--beautiful architecture and decor and great service. This place is the quirkiest hotel I have seen. Pictures of our hotel room can be found here; I would have taken more photos, but I apparently broke the LCD on the camera and wasn't too sure that it was still working at all. As it turns out, I could have taken the camera into the concert and taken pics with reckless abandon . Must fix camera ASAP.

Three weeks ago I flew out to Charlotte mid-week for a quick business trip. Charlotte traffic sucks, and I mean sucks. I am convinced that I could never live in a big city unless I lived in a developed downtown/uptown and worked there, too. Driving in that kind of traffic would destroy my soul.

Before that Jessica and Ken had a fondue party. I got, well, erm, drunk, but I took some nifty photos.

Other than that, work, work, and, oh, work. I hope to blog more, but I am now a bit more limited about when/how I can post.

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