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Sunday, October 31, 2004

A quick two minute drill and...

All Kerry has to do is lay down a quick no huddle two minute drill involving 370-some-odd-tons of explosives, 1100+ US dead, 100k+ Iraqi dead, and the lack of answers Bushco can provide. The ads are on TV here now, and Bush's doesn't show anything other than his grasping a the air as his administration of evil goes down.

Now.. I'm not really one to rant (well, yea I actually am. right Tom). But for the love all that is right and not RIGHT.. Why can't a conservative give me any real answers? Were they trained to avoid, duck, dodge and in general weasel away from a true answer? Watching the interview with the Barbie Doll of the conservative construct (Ann Coulter) on Real Time with Bill Maher made me want to gag. The blonde bimbo not only wouldn't admit to Bush's ineptness on 9/11.. But she also claimed that any president would have reacted the same. What?! Damn... When asked if she thought Bush had an easier route to the White House via his family, money, and connections. She stares blankly for a moment, a very dazed look (much like that of Bush when he hears bad news) look on her face, and responds with John Kerry did that. What?! She claims John Kerry funded his campaign with Teresa's money. What?! Last I checked John Kerry worked his way up to office prior to marrying her.

But Annie saying the truth would be too close to right (not RIGHT). It's obvious we can't pry a real answer from any conservative.. Maybe if we throw enough money at them they'll tell us the truth. And if you think the liberals are willing to do that.. I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

I say once more unto the huddled masses.. damn.

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