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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The day after tomorrow

One day after the biggest election of my generation and only one word could describe how I felt this morning... Numb. Although it took me quite some time to figure out what exactly I was feeling, numb seems to be the closest to correct.

We went to bed around 12ish.. Thinking it was over. Bushco had won yet again. In the face of what was suppose to be an overwhelming liberal outpouring of votes, Bush stood strong. Not one single state below the Mason-Dixon Line voted for Kerry. NOT ONE! Granted two of the biggest states (electoral votes) were all but locked for Bush. Texas (home state and Repub hotbed) and Florida (owned by Jeb Bush and the Election Thieves of 2000). What else could you expect from those states. Hell the Dems seemed to hardly care about the Southern states, only tossing some money into Arkansas at the last minute. Sending Clinton to Arkansas was a last ditch effort, and it's hard to say it.. But he doesn't stir the emotions of Arkansans since moving to New York. Even I could say to them "well DUH!"

But the time for being angry is over. Stop pouting, grumbling about leaving the country, and in general feeling like ass. The time has come to deal with our latest Incarnation of Idiocy. Bush Part Deux will press our buttons, and enrage us. But we have to lay out a plan to remove this Conservative Cancer from power. Not Bush in particular, but the concept of Conservative Morals. These "morals" corrupt our leaders, repress our citizens and insult our former allies and friends. We must look forward to 2008 right now. Who among us will step up to that plate and take on the vast, impressive machine the Repub thugs created? H. Clinton, Kerry, Dean? Maybe not.. The time is coming for some new blood to rise up. We started with Obama, but we have to keep on that track.

As The Moose said, this too shall pass. But now I will impart my wee bit 'o wisdom unto the huddled masses... Once it was said.. "For the People, by the people." And so it should be once more.

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