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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blu-Ray DVD

I understand some of the points made in this blog post, but I get so tired of the elitist DYI attitude that Linux disciples project. Note that I am not a fan of DRM, particularly the way that Microsoft and Sony try to shove it down our collective throat, but if this guy is really that ferociously defensive of his privacy, what the hell is he doing writing a blog?


TripleII said...

You are wrong on both counts. The blog only has one point against Blu-Rayit w.r.t. Linux. The other 4 top 5 points apply to everyone. Additionally, I am anti-DRM and very much anti-piracy. DRM is not the way to stem piracy, price is. The labels want to use DRM to keep prices inflated. In any case, stealing is stealing, downloading and not paying for copyrighted content is wrong. I don't download, and I don't purchase DRMed content. You assume that all anti-DRM folks are all stealing?

You might read the 2 follow up blogs I created, it isn't about Linux, it is about bringing DRM into public consciousness.


twd3lr said...

I realize it isn't about Linux, but the overall attitude of the "I use Linux because I detest DRM and am oh-so-superior because of it" people is tiresome. I am not a fan of DRM, nor am I fan of piracy either, and I agree that DRM is entirely about big media lining their pockets. My main problem with your post is how you seem to think that anything damaging would come from having your movie habits "monitored" as you put it--do you wear a tinfoil hat?