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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Causes Bomb Scare

Are you serious? Really, why on earth people think that this resembles anything approaching a terrorist plot, unless Mooninites are the next terrorist threat. Please.

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barbara said...

They used LEDs and not posters because that's currently quite the fashion. And this was all about the Cool (yes, I happen to make light-up things myself). Surely you've seen some of the graffiti done with conductive paint and LEDs?

What pisses me off is that these were done with care not to leave a mess to clean up (magnetic; pops right off, no property damage) and were fun/pretty to look at. These signs brought anyone with half a brain a little happiness in addition to advertising something (which is what me and my friends here at aquabot love anyway). It should have gone down as exactly the right way to do guerilla adverts. They weren't *that* clever, but they were pretty.