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Monday, January 08, 2007

Articles That Caught My Attention Today

These are seemingly random articles, but they all were on my Netvibes front page today. Netvibes is the coolest RSS web 2.0 ajax-based portal ever. Go sign up and use it now! I command it! Ok, now on to the articles.

Farm worker attacked by herd of pigs. Wow, what a pisser. Seriously, what does one do to prompt a herd of pigs to go all Mike Tyson on one's ass?

The Preteen: Betwixt and Bedeviled. As a father-to-be I am finding myself becoming entirely too interested in every article and study related to babies, childhood, and adolescence. This is a great article, and along with a segment on today's Talk of the Nation about public education, it heightened my awareness of just how early the drive to learn has to be instilled.

In Obesity Fight, Many Fear a Note From School. Repeat after me: "My daughter will not have an eating disorder. My daughter will not have an eating disorder. My daughter will not have an eating disorder."

Why Our Hero Leapt Onto the Tracks and We Might Not. I am still stunned by this story of heroism. I am hopeful that the hero-lauding period ends smoothly and we do not witness some sad backlash story that results from some over-eager journalist digging into Mr. Autrey's past for some mistake. God forbid we crucify the uncommonly common hero.

That's it for today folks. Lots of words from other people that made me feel as if I had learned something today.

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