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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Recruiting goals fall short.. Well, duh!

Well, looks like the Captains want out.. Do you blame them?

Check out: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002113845_officershortage09m.html

Thing that really caught my eye was:

"...Army Reserve is crafting a new policy to curb resignations. Under the policy, which has yet to be finalized, company-grade officers who have not yet been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan would generally not be allowed to resign unless they could demonstrate "extreme personal reasons," such as hardships posed by the death or disability of a spouse." (Seattle Times)

So, an officer who has not been deployed, but could have fulfilled his/her commitment would not be allowed out unless they have "extreme personal reasons". Well, how bout the urge not to die for the head monkey in the White House? Seems rather extreme to me, and the whole life threatening part is rather personal. Eh, guess that's the problem with going into the military, life threatening insurgents with RPGs aren't really considered personal or extreme.

Side note from the article: "So the Guard is now increasingly targeting civilians with no prior military service, including high-school seniors who also are already being wooed by the Marines and active-duty Army." It's bad enough they come to the high school and give the students the ASVAB, but now they're going to increase their targeting of high school seniors. They crawl through the lower income malls, stalk through low income neighborhoods promising steady pay, and haunt university campuses in hopes of sending more sheep to the meat grinder of Bushco.

Huddled masses, just say no to Bushco recruiters.

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