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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Why are we even concerned?!

What is it exactly that drives the American public to be so interested in so called "high profile" court cases? Scott Pertson, found guilty, and the jury says he deserves the death penalty. Ok... I'm failing to see where I need to be so updated on a more than daily basis. Why is this case so damn important?

Over 1000 dead Americans and we don't seem to give two squats. One murder trail of a sleazy individual and it's plastered on the front page of nearly every news site, and news paper available. Have we lost our priorities!?

I'm not trying to trivialize Laci and her unborn child's deaths. But when we need coverage of breaking news, important information, and updates on what's really happening.. Our media fails us. It covers the stories about the soldiers suing to not go back to Iraq under the BS stop-loss program.

Can any of you honestly say that knowing what Scott Peterson had for lunch that day is more important than us knowing the truth about how bad things could be in Bush's war with the Middle East? Can you? Look in the mirror and ask if knowing this man's fate is more important than finding out our troops aren't as protected as they should be.. Or if this case has been as important as knowing why minorities are still being treated unfairly at the polls. Our media once more covers the collective ass of this administration's and this government's follies. Let's hope one day for a more competent media that takes advantage of it's freedom instead of helping to curb the American people's freedom.

Huddled masses, put the remote down and step away from the TV.

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