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Friday, March 04, 2005

Students that went a little too far..

At Sana Rosa Junior College a group of Repubs decided that some of their professors were too liberal.. Too left leaning. Interesting.. I thought that's why it was called a liberal arts education (i'm here all night folks.. try the veal.). Ok, so enough of bad jokes..

This is what these Repub students did. On the doors of ten faculty members the students posted red stars and referenced communist indoctrination. This was done because, as one of these students claimed, "The opinion of the far left is presented as fact, with no alternative." Jeez... This is so open to all kinds of angles for me to break down and destruct.. Lets start, shall we?

First, you are in college, try to act like it. If you don't agree with the teacher, no one is making you take that class. You are allowed to get up, walk out, and drop the class. You may also speak with the teacher after class, in private, in their office about your concerns. You can even discuss your issues with the dean, providing you make an appointment. This is after all college, where you prepare for the "real world," where it would indeed NOT be good to post red stars on your fellow worker's cubicles.. I foresee many many firings in your future should you do this to every co-worker you don't agree with.

Second, free speech is allowed in college. If this was not true.. Well.. It would be high school, you wouldn't have the chance to protest something you feel is wrong and actually have an opinion.

Third, I haven't really seen too much of the far right presenting their "facts" while still acknowledging any alternatives. Hello, pot? This is kettle.. You're black.

Fourth, why is it that most of the problems seem to be from liberal professors? Is it because that's all there are? Do we even have any conservative professors, or are the conservatives not up to the challenges of higher education? I see stats here and there about how many liberal professors there are at Ivy league colleges, but never any stats about conservative profs. What's up with that?

Fifth, if you're going to go around marking people's door claiming they're commies.. Don't be pissed when some people call you and your group/party/etc etc fascists. Not Nazis, fascists. It all smacks of McCarthyism (sic).

All in all.. Here is the story about it. We really shouldn't allow our professors to be treated like criminals because they offer views different to yours. College is where you are suppose to learn and be exposed to different cultures and ideas. If you don't want to be exposed to these things and consider there could be other ways of life than yours and people aren't going to hell because they don't share your vision of God/politics/etc etc don't go to college.

What. The. HELL?!?!

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