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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

You can feel it in the air...

That's right.. A rant. But this is a rant on professionalism. Recently I applied to a Public Relations job in Indianapolis, IN. The email I received was very promising. My resume was praised (thank you to the great individual who brought my jumbled thoughts together), and I was asked to come up to have an interview. I suggested a date (March 18th for those keeping up) to meet with what I was hoping was my soon-to-be-boss. She confirmed that the date would be ok and asked me what time I would be available. I set 1 PM and emailed her to make sure everything would be ok and set for this time. This email was sent March 10th to make sure there was plenty of time in case whatever.. I even called her the Monday before the interview (a full 5 days before the interview), I left a message. No response to my emails or call. We drove up to Round Lake, IL on the 17th (12 hour drive with no internet, but a cell phone that worked). Thursday (the 17th) night I finally reached a computer to check my email and low and behold.. An email. I quickly opened it only to find a serious disappointment and lack of professionalism. For all the world to read here is it:

"I will calll you this afternoon also, I had an internal candidate apply
for the position and I am going to offer it to him on Monday, I apologize for
the late notice, you had a very impressive resume with great experience."

The day before the interview, with no responses to previous contact, and still no phone calls even when told she would call? I was beyond mad.. This woman suddenly gets an internal applicant and brushes me aside at the very last moment. If only karma was real...

Add to the fact that Indy has a great amount of apartments, 90% of which really suck. We returned home to find great news in the mail.. Those useless sacks of rancid ferret dung we call our government decided it was time for me to pay my personal property taxes.. So now I owe those sick twisted assclowns another 300+ pushing the total to above $1000. I guess I'm the only one who didn't get the notice that if you're pulling a whooping 8.84 an hour you're on the IRS hit list. Bastards....

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