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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wolcott's still hitting that nail..

He's hitting the nail on the head here.

Although it's about as subtle as using a sledge hammer pound a nail into your dry wall to hang a picture of the friend from college who would drink his beer from anything other than the can and light his farts.

I agree with him though (simply because the past week has just been one example of failure after another). America won't wake up as it sleep walks down the path of the Roman empire. We've got two countries we run, aside from our own. Democracy in the Middle East is great only so far that it's better than the government it replaced. When the leaders in these countries are placed in power by a foreign government they will probably fail.

Our dollar is sliding down hill faster than Greenspan's wrinkled claw of a hand can grasp. When you've out sourced, over spent budgets year after year, continued spending on a giant military budget going out of control, and proposed asinine reform to programs that aren't on their last legs.. Well.. You'll find a few problems. Since before I could vote we were heading down this path.. GWB has only furthered our decent with his policies. I wonder how long it will be before we wake up and see how we've painted ourselves into that corner.. Hopefully before it's too late, but I doubt it.

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