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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Iran, the next battle?

An interesting read about secret (once more.. not so secret if it's reported in the New Yoker magazine) missions in Iran to locate viable targets for missiles. Can we at least try to finish one war before starting a new one? What purpose does this serve?

Check it out...


Lets hope he's really not considering this. I think there's only so much pushing you can do to this region before it starts to push back as a whole. GWB should red lightly. If the Middle East nations united (not that I see this happening) against us on a whole..

And maybe, just maybe.. Is it me.. Or is this starting to smack a little of genocide? Why aren't we going after any terrorists in South Africa like this? Or in South America.. Seems like we're mainly targeting Muslim nations in the Middle East. I'm sure that maybe it's just a nagging feeling, but then again.. Well, maybe not genocide, but there seems to be a certain driving force in GWB's administration that wants to attack these Muslim states... We certainly haven't started scouting North Korea out yet for missile targets, and they certainly have something going on over there.

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