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Sunday, January 16, 2005

They're bums!

Damnit! The Colts lost to the Pats.. AGAIN! A weak secondary, more enforcement on the pass interference rules, and a record breaking season.. And they get the crap kicked out of them, for lack of a better way of stating the fact. There are just some teams that always seem to beat other certain teams. And it seems the Pats own the Colts.

I'm going to go pout in my big pink recliner and watch something non-football related so not to be reminded that the dreaded Eagles, the accursed Falcons and the damn Patriots are still alive in the playoffs. At least I can still hope for the Steelers and their rookie QB and one of my fav running back the Bus (still have his rookie card.. unfortunately, I still have Bledsoe's rookie card too).

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