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Monday, January 03, 2005

Just where the hell are the morals now?!

Oh how the religious right are unconcerned with the tragedy in the world. They concern themselves with the gay, activist judges, or how TV has lost its morals.. Where are the requests for donations for relief for the tsunami victims? For a minor piece on this check out this page.

Add in the fact that Bush was out trimming the hedges on vacation while the world cried out for aid, and then he decided to give a paltry 35 million (yes, i know we have upped the aid amount.. but not enough). Lord forbid you be a non-white, non-Christian in Bush or the religious right's views.. Because then, you're not worth giving money to help when your need is greatest. But when it comes to a $40 million dollar party.. By gwad, get your boots on, we're going dancin and shakin that there good ole boy GW's hand!

By the way.. Last I checked.. Japan had given more in aid than America.

added: After speaking with the wise sage that is Tom, I would like to add.. I am not impling that American's are not giving, because we all know there are many many private contributions being funneled through many organizations. The Red Cross is quite possibly one of the greatest relief organizations out there, and I definately urge everyone to give something.. Hey, 5 bucks doesn't seem like much, but the wise sage put it this way.. "everyone should donate 5 bucks to the American Red Cross."
Amen, Brother Tom.. Amen.

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