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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Clinton Library

Opens today! While I'm stuck here in my rinky-dink job bored out of my skull there are hundreds of Celebs and dignitaries helping to celebrate the opening of this library. I personally feel this library is an excellent addition to Little Rock. This should bring about more renovation to the downtown area, leading to more jobs and over all a growth to Little Rock's population and economy.

I'm sure some of our more stubborn (read: conservatives) readers won't agree to this, since it is Clinton (a Dem.). But for the love of all that is good.. Put aside the party politics for a moment and just enjoy that something good is happening to a small city that could use some good publicity. Quit whining about Clinton's personal life, his "lack of morals," and anything else about Clinton that you hate. Also, please stop complaining about the roads being closed.. It's not like the roads that are closed were really all that great. If there wasn't construction on those roads already, I could understand a little whining.. But seriously, shut it.

Here's to Bubba and his new library. And hopefully a great improvement to our small, but fair city.

And just to rib Tom.. Huddled masses.. Get your read on.

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