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Monday, November 15, 2004

A sign?

It's gotta be hitting the fan. Powell resigns. Granted he was beginning to fall under influence of the Dark Side.. Ahh, hell.. He all but ruined his integrity by bowing to Bush's war. Sigh... Sad that he caved in. I always thought he had a serious chance at being the first Black President if he ran. We shall see, young padawans.

It was speculation for so long if he'd be canned or quit. I for one am glad he's leaving this administration behind. After serving so long and working so hard, perhaps it's time for a vacation. I mean, GWB takes plenty of vacations, why not let someone else who actually does work take one? Maybe now Powell can get back his morals and some common sense.

Which flows into.. Why the hell is Condi Rice even being considered?! She's got almost no chance at getting any other country to work with her for GWB's agenda. She'll have no power with most of the Middle Eastern nations.. And she sure as hell won't be able to help broker a peace between Palestine and Israel. So why her? Cause she's a GWB chicken hawk. Push, push, push for war and human rights violations, but couldn't care less about the people dying because of her poor choices.

Also, the monster is dead.. As if you didn't know. Arafat is gone and buried. I'll shed no tears for that man. Only in the vaguest sense did he work towards a Palestinian state. He placed his own political goals above those of his people. He used terrorists to push his "message." If there was ever a country that needed a new leader it is Palestine... And Israel. That conflict is long over-due for an ending. And I say, either put up the damn wall completely and never deal with the rest of the world. Or break down and admit that the Palestinians have a right to their own nation without the constant threat of an over-powering military blowing up their homes. No, I don't believe either side is right in it's methods or just in it's actions. But somewhere, something has got to give.

Warnings for the huddled masses... Duck, it's gonna hit the fan..

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