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Saturday, November 20, 2004

FCC thoughts...

Mr. James Wolcott has an interesting theory on the FCC here.

While I typically find his blog extremely interesting and very intelligent, I'm not sure getting rid of the FCC is the right answer to this antiquated censor machine.

While I am completely for freedom of speech, I'm not too sure about allowing anything and everything to be said or done on TV. At least not until we can get a v-chip installed in every TV. I do believe it is NOT my job to monitor what your kids see or hear. It is YOUR job. Do it well and they will be exposed to proper things. Do it poorly by sitting your 4 year old in front of the TV all day as a baby sitter and reap the rewards.

I'm not saying the FCC isn't a over-blown, power hungry beast bent on controlling when, how and what we watch on our TVs... But maybe we should just re-work the current system. Or perhaps... Maybe some people should be worried more about something more important than Terrel Owens and Nicollette Sheridan doing a poorly acted spoof of a very popular TV show. Don't we have more to worry about in the world? Well according to the FCC and a few key Right Wingers... I guess not. Basically, you should censor what you and your family view.

Huddled masses.. It shouldn't be up to some over paid, old fat white man to decide. Even though it is...

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