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Friday, November 19, 2004

Is this our America still?

We are a nation based on freedoms. We are a nation geared to promote freedom around the globe through diplomatic and military action. We are a nation of free thinkers and hard workers. We are a nation the world looks to for how to set right what once was wrong....

Not anymore.

We are a nation that should be ashamed. A nation of people numb to violence and the actions of our leaders. We are a nation hell bent on dictating how a good portion of our civilians will live their lifestyles. We are a nation now accused of war crimes by the United Nations.

"On Nov. 17, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for investigation of American war crimes in Fallujah..." - Paul Craig Roberts, Antiwar.com.

I'm hurt that our nation could be accused of this.. But I know that, sadly, it's probably true. After a Marine shot a captured (note: restrained), wounded and unarmed Iraqi.. I just don't know. Things are spinning out of control more and more as we continue our occupation of Iraq. I do support our troops, in so much that I wish all of them to come home safely. But it seems that the neocons are immune to the bloodshed.

The phrases "get some balls, stop being a wimp, etc etc.." are tossed around by our friends on the Right. But, really.. If you're so inclined to say such things, join up. The military would love for you to help them out. Or if you can't.. Sign your kids up! Help your cause with more than just words. If all you do is sit on the sidelines and talk without acting.. You're just a cheerleader. Who's the wuss now?

Huddled masses.. Uncle Sam needs you now! Write your congress person, take action, and take pride our country still has hope.

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