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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Greatest Player ever!?

As I sit here watching God's gift to all football loving people.. HDTV! I listen to the announcers babble on about Jerry Rice being so great and such an inspiration to whatever team he's on. How he encourages everyone to work harder and be better. How's he's possibly the greatest player or receiver ever.

Wait.. Is this the same Rice that the same media darlings criticized after his Games with a Catch streak ended? The same one who we all knew threw a fit to get out of Oakland, but that was after he threw a fit to get out of San Fran.

Jerry Rice is the mold for all current WR.. Owens, Moss, etc.. The "my way or the highway" attitude of these receivers all stems from this one man. If he doesn't get his way, you'll know about it. He may not blow up on the sidelines like T.O. or run over a metermaid like Moss, but if you think he's not a pain in any coaches rear if he's not getting his way.. You're sadly mistaken.

Now I know you can't lay the entire blame on him, and I'm not disputing the numbers he's got. But, I am saying he quite possibly started the evolution of the wide receiver to more of a immature mindset. Also, when you say greatest ever, put a star by that.. I think there are plenty of other players who would easily fit that bill. You can't say greatest ever without mentioning Sweetness, or Sanders.. What about Montana, or Elway? You know Rice wouldn't have those numbers if not for Montana and Young. You think Rice would be so great with a quaterback like Ryan Leaf? No, he'd throw a tantrum until he was traded.

I say unto the huddled masses.. Go long!

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