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Sunday, November 14, 2004

A not so secret.. SECRET!

Ok.. Let me ask you all dedicated readers: How exactly is a secret attack secret if you broadcast it over every news station across the face of God's now semi-green Earth?

Not to denigrate (a favorite term amoung our Convervative friends) our military forces.. But when did we start letting the news media cover our secret plans to attack someone or someplace? I mean, come on people! Everyone in Fal-whatever-ja knew so far in advance that the US was massing troops in a "secret" location outside of the city. Can we maybe get the "embedded" reporters to shut the hell up for just a few days?

First they won't report any real news, like how bad things could be (that's right... i didn't say how bad they are! so get off my back!). And now they go into feeding frenzy mode when we're plotting a secret attack. "Phantom Fury" my.. Well, I'll just say there was nothing Phantom like about it.

To the huddled masses I say... Shhhh, it's a secret.

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