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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Head shaking and finger pointing

You ever have that moment when you're a little kid and your parents leave the house with you in it for the first time? Feels great at first.. You've got the whole house to yourself, time for some fun! Right? Then you kinda realize you're there alone. It's a pretty big house, and that episode of Crypt Keeper (bear with me folks.. I?m going where with this) was awfully scary about the kids staying at home alone.. And the serial killer/ghost/demon/whatever shows up and ends up getting them. Yea, anyway.. Basically, America is the kid home alone in the big house right now.

Yup.. Mom (England, mainly cause Tony Blair always struck me as kinda girly) and Dad (insert other semi-powerful country.. like France, their women are kinda "manly" if you believe the current administration?s lies) are leaving. England won't be down with G-W-B for much longer. Blair isn't so popular that he can't be replaced by someone more anti-Bush, and the more British troops that die in Iraq the less support Blair gets. Remember, their media isn't so controlled by the government, so they get to see when the poop hits the fan more often.

What Bushco has done is alienate the world. I can hear you now, you conservative zealots. "We don't need them! They're cowards! Etc.." Let see... We don't need anyone else since we're so self-sufficient. Since we make everything here in the good ole US of A. Yup, we'll be fine once we've cut off the rest of the world. Sure enough we don't need our big screen TVs, our super fast computers, or even our gas guzzling SUVs (sure.. keep believing Ford is all American made if you're so inclined...). And once we've cut off the rest of the world, we'll be exactly where "they" want us. They being the terrorists, they being Bushco who thinks everyone else is wrong, they being the individuals who would like to see America fall. I dare say.. Should we not refer to Bush as Nero? Hand that man a fiddle so he can play as America burns.

Maybe I'm being too harsh.. I mean, a useless war, poor economy, and all the smoke we have blown up our not-so-respected asses. You'd think some conservative would have a moment of clarity. But, I'm not holding my breath. And of course, any conservative reading this will say I'm just another left wing, nut job, hippie. Lord forbid I have an opinion other than the one fed to me by Bushco's media.

And I say unto the huddled masses.. Burn baby, burn. *goes back to work to the sound of a fiddle*

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