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Monday, November 29, 2004

Late night ramble and rant

Ok, the Thanksgiving hiatus is over, and I've been once more goaded to action by the sharp, pointy stick of injustice Tom keeps in his cubicle as a means to annoy me to the point of posting (everyone say "thanks, tom" together now).

Don't you ever get tired of listening to us Liberals rant and rave about the wrongs this administration commits? Aww.. Come on, you know you don't! If it weren't for us 48% no one would know their elbow from their.. Well, you get the point there. It's the liberals who counter balance the neocons.. Without a good dose of liberal, "conservative morals" would dominate everything. Scary thought, that. Granted too liberal is bad too. Somewhere one must strike a balance and find the path between zealous "moral" conservative and bleeding heart liberal. One who seems to do just that is Bull Moose (a link found to the right on your screen. I highly recommend it and obviously Tom does as well since he Blogrolled him). His words describing Bush's lack of political action that would benefit America over the neocon party are striking, and well crafted.

"Ever since 9/11, the Moose has been struck that the President has lacked any political imagination to expand his base beyond the narrow limitations set by the conservative elements of his party. Whether the issues are tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy or a genuine national service initiative, the President has never sought to build a unity politics of national greatness. That brief shining moment in the days and weeks after 9/11 was quickly lost as the President just urged Americans to "shop" and the Administration continued to pursue tax cuts even in the face of a war." - Bull Moose

Followed by a blistering comment: "He has yet to challenge the Hastert Rule which mandates that the elephant comes before the flag."

This gentleman is indeed a moderate, but he calls them like he sees them. And I'm definitely inclined to agree on these statements. Bush has placed party politics above the needs of Americans.

How you ask? How about basically forcing Powell to resign by his lack of support? Or perhaps handing that position over to a individual who lacks the creative mind or the will to protect the American people? One can not ignore that Rice brushed aside the reports of an Al Qaeda attack on American soil pre-9/11.

We also must take a view at Bush's lack of action concerning the problems at home. Not to sound bitter, but my mutual fund didn't begin posting loss until Bush stepped into office... Ok, ok.. So he didn't cause that. Of course we can NOT blame all that is wrong in America, let alone the world on the shoulders of this one Texan. But we can not ignore that we do still have problems here at home that can not be solved by sending our troops off to die in some land where the majority of the populous views us as oppressive and hates us (not for our freedom.. but because we've blown up most of their country.. DUH!!). Diverting our attention from his lack of foreign policy and lack of caring towards social issues (unless it's that bad bad gay marriage thingy.. we all know Bush hates that issue. always good to oppress our citizens).

We still have rampant problems with social security (I doubt I'll have any when I retire). We still have racism and intolerance here. We still have more gun violence than almost all of our non-third world allies. We still have corrupt companies reaching into the pocket of their employees so the CEOs can buy that new house, go on that extended vacation, or whatever rich people do. We still have in intelligence agency that can not pull its head from the sand of 9/11. We still have shipments arriving to docks and wharves being unchecked. We still have firefighters, policemen, and teachers who are horribly under paid. There will come a day when these issues will be viewed, and maybe then we will see the shock and awe we were told to expect from the beginning of this "war." The shock and awe of how we have neglected these issues, and that our children will live worse than we have if we don't fix it.

No, huddled masses, we are not so perfect that we should mold another country into our image. But yet, we are not so bad, so far from all that is good that there is no hope.

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